Charlotte Investment Property – Summary

A cosmetic renovation was the the perfect cure for this HUD home built in the late 1990’s.  Removal of all the pop corn textured ceilings, new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, granite counter tops, new fixtures and butterscotch hard wood floors.  The master bedroom had twin double hung windows that where removed to make way for a 6′ sliding door a new large concrete patio resulting in a perfect master bedroom retreat with a private landscaped rear yard.



 Starflower - under renovation Front of home after - Starflower
 living room and Diningroom before - Starflower living room and Diningroom after - Starflower
 Kitchen 1 before - Starflower Kitchen 1 after - Starflower
 kitchen 2 before - Starflower Kitchen 2 after - Starflower
 Bedroom 2 before - Starflower Bedroom 2 after - Starflower
 Master Bathroom before - Starflower master bathroom after - Starflower
 rear of home before - Starflower Rear of home after - Starflower
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