Investment Strategies

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Buy and Hold

We are experiencing a rare event in the housing market where investors can actually purchase a property at or near market bottoms, renovate, rent it, pay a preferred return on the investment and still have positive cash flow.  There are also a number of tax advantages to real estate investing.  There are two primary buy and hold strategies, some investors hold for 3 to 5 years and sell for a profit or hold rental properties long term, pay off the debt and retire with a steady income stream.


Short term strategy where you purchase a distress property, renovate the property and market it for a quick sale.  Returns can vary considerable depending on a number of variables but the strategy is to roll the money and earn compounded returns.  A successfully executed plan can realize annual returns of 50% or more.

Joint Ventures

We offer investors an opportunity to partner with us as a “joint venture”  partner on individual flip transactions.  Investors can invest in a project of their choice and earn a preferred return on their cash investment of 7% and a 50%  share of  all profits.

Private Lenders

We have a short list of hard money lender that provide financing for flip and buy and hold projects.  Each lender has their own lending requirements but with several resources, we may be able to help those interested in Joint  Ventures to leverage there financing ability.

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