Institutional Investors Discover Diesel Construction in 2015!

It has been said that reputation is everything.  In 2015 National Real Estate Investors have discovered for themselves that Diesel Construction is “The Investors Contractor” of choice in the Charlotte and surrounding area.  Diesel Construction has successfully completed over 250 “turn-key renovations” in 2015 and is projected to complete 350 to 500 units in calendar year 2016.

institutional investorsAttention to their client’s needs, strict adherence to scheduling, quality control and the ability to adjust to changes during the job are some of their strengths.

In a recent interview when Diesel Construction was asked what is the reason for their success?  They replied, “our core beliefs that our most important job and client is the one we have the privilege to serve today, along with our commitment to constantly improve services, and our sincere belief in stewardship of our client’s assets are all reasons for our success.”

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